cmapit analytics

Create Map Editor

Learn to visualize over 100,000 data points or Less, generate your own map editor in minutes (a template) that you can use offline. Designed for professionals on the move.

  • Create interactive maps in minutes by simple upload and visualize up to 100,000 data points.

  • Upload up to 3 different data files, measure between points and compare results.

  • Export interactive map with all the editor features, use offline in any browser with your datasets, share with colleagues and collaborate with team mates.

Easy virtual survey with cmapit analytics. The team can also provide more support on using the application to generate more data.

  • Users can combine their datasets to build more data on areas of studies remotely for development projects.

  • Public policy officers can work with this application to build data for precision in policy making.

  • Can reduce the cost of rural development.

Forest canopy analysis with cmapit using processed data from global forest and easy upload to cmapit to extract your result in spreadsheet and plots.

Measure Land area

Measure Land area with cmapit software. This is designed for urban planners and the application is also very useful to NGOs and CSOs for virtual surveys. This will also help real estate managers and agents in asset valuation, remotely.

  • Urban and regional planners can work with this application on cmapit software.

  • NGOs and CSOs can use this application on cmapit to build data on areas they plan to carry out feasibility studies and virtual survey.

  • This can be generated to offline application to use with any browser.

Validate Listed Land assets with cmapit software before transactions. This can save the organization from wrong Listing and can also help organizations with virtual field operations in areas out of their reach.

Create shapefile from satellite images with cmapit easily and quickly to use on other GIS software.

  • Create shapefile to use on other GIS software easily using cmapit.

  • Can also help with producing shapefile to support NGO application for funding.

  • It is easy to work with.

Plot raster

Plot and analyze raster files with cmapit software, generate spreadsheets from easy file upload and more.

  • Makes plotting NDVI results very easy and also generates spreadsheet of results for easy download.

  • Easily extract the plots to your research reports.

Tree canopy analysis is getting better with using cmapit and application is useful for academic research and more.

  • Tree canopy analysis to spreadsheet and plots.

  • Can help with tree counts.

This application on cmapit can help users extract x, y, z points from raster files. The points extracted can help Learn more on topography, calculate mean slope and more.

Create quick charts for reports with your map editor using the same datasets. Makes it easy to create multiple visualization from a single data upload to cmapit without writing any Line of code.